Toby Smith

Elle Fanning in “Bright Young Thing” by Benny Horne for Miss Vogue Australia #1

Sunndal, Norway by Frederik Floor
Sunndal, Norway

 I became a vegan mostly for the health benefits, although it has always bothered me how unethical and disturbing the meat and dairy industry is. I have never been overbearing or pushy in sharing my beliefs on the matter; however, I have recently gained a new perspective and I have become much more passionate about it. Earlier today, I was discussing it with my best friend, and I told her she should watch Earthlings because it is very mind-opening and she claimed that she “can’t stand to watch stuff like that because it upsets her too much” and that “she loves her meat and shouldn’t feel guilty about it.” Unfortunately, this is the attitude of most people and it is completely contradictory and ignorant. How can you possibly support something when the consequences of it are so completely horrific that you cannot bring yourself to view them with your own eyes? If you want to consume meat and/or dairy that is 100% your decision, but be aware of and own up to the effects of you doing so.


Monsal, England photo by ben-walker.tumblr.com

 Christophe Caudroy